Woman's nude | Oil painting | figure of thin woman
#1010 | Sinners At The Last Judgment
110x150 cm | 43.3x59.1 in
Fake Card Player | Oil painting | Young women duel Poker face
#1012 | The Card Cheater
110x150 cm | 43.3x59.1 in
Woman's Chess Players | Oil painting | two young women | Chiaroscuro
#1013 | Chess Players
80x110 cm | 31.5x43.3 in
Supper At Emmaus | Oil painting | Dinner table | Chiaroscuro
#1011 | Supper At Emmaus
160x200 cm | 63.0x78.7 in
Self Portrait | Oil Painting
My name is Marek Valovič (b. 1974) I am a self-taught artist living and working in Bratislava, Slovakia. I studied engineering on Slovak Technical University and Nuclear physic on Nuclear Research Institute. I spent years of my career as nuclear physicist later as financial analyst. One decade of such a work passed like a blink of an eye, somewhere there I decided to change it.
I begin my new career as a photographer, from there it is smaller step to the art world. Well it takes another decade to begin and master the basic secrets of art, but from this point you start to see the world through different optics.
Woman's nude | Oil painting | figure of thin woman
#1014 | Woman's Nude Figure
60x100 cm | 23.6x39.4 in

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